Globalia is Spain’s largest tourist group. It comprises a number of independent companies that compete, fortunately with great success, in their respective sectors. Each one has its own history and I am proud of all of them. How could I not be proud of Air Europa, It opened up the Spanish skies when there was only a monopoly. Or Halcón Viajes, Accompanied by Curro, it brought the Caribbean to the Spanish people.

What makes Globalia different, what gives it a sense, muscle and stability is the fact that all the companies provide each other with mutual support. Our airline receives support from our travel agencies, which receive support from the tour operator, Travelplan, which, obviously, receives support from Air Europa. The Welcome division covers all our tour operators and agencies' needs at destination. And the same is true of Be Live, our hotel chain, of Groundforce, the handling company, and of the other companies in the group.

Globalia is a giant jigsaw into which every piece fits smoothly. Or, if you prefer, a precision engine with gears and cogs that turn smoothly. However,‐ it is also‐, above all, a team of workers who, over the years, have successfully designed the shape of each piece and adjusted each cog to fit in perfectly with the rest. A team of workers passionately committed to the concept of a job well done.

At Globalia, we enjoy what we do. That is the key to our success and to our continuous growth since we opened the first Halcón Viajes branch in 1971. Thank you for being one of our customers.

Juan José Hidalgo. Presidente de Globalia

Financial Information

Publication of the latest annual reports on the activity of the Globalia group with economic data and the development of the various businesses.

Global presence

Globalia is the leading tourist group in Spain, with an annual turnover of more than 3.8 billion and a staff of 15,000 workers.

International presence Globalia



Juan José Hidalgo opens the first branch of Viajes Halcón.


Juan José Hidalgo sets up the tour operator Travelplan.


A majority stake in Air Europa is acquired by Juan José Hidalgo.


Air Europa begins scheduled domestic operations in Spain, competing with Iberia.


Viajes Halcón and Travelplan begin operations in Portugal.

In May the central services move into their newly built corporate offices of Llucmajor (Baleares).

Incorporation of the first Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft.


In May 2000, the first hotel operated by the Group's Hotel Division opens its doors.

In October 2001, following the events of September 11, the Air Division is restructured.

In the year 2003, Globalia Handling is set up and Viajes Ecuador is acquired.

During 2005, Strong international expansion at the Group's Handling Division.

Air Europa and Travelplan begin to operate in France following the creation of Globalia France.

2006 - 2007

Globalia strengthens its position in two particularly key areas: the Handling Division, with new contracts won at Spanish airports, and the Hotel Division, which now boasts more than 10,000 rooms.

Acquisition of Iberrail and a stake in MK Tours.

A contract is signed to acquire 8 Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" aircraft.


A contract is signed to acquire 11 Embraer 195 aircraft with 120 seats and with the most advanced technology. The Hotel Division operates more than 11.400 rooms.


Viajes Halcón begins the process of expansion through franchised branches operating under the brand name.

Acquisition of 75% of, an online travel agency specialising in the sale of airline tickets.

The first four Embraer 195 aircraft begin operations.


International expansion of Travelplan, via the opening of offices in Italy and France. New “Latitudes” tour operator. Air Europa starts the operation of new routes to Lima and Miami.

Set up of “Welcome Incoming Services” as a new business unit focused on incoming travel agency activity. Air Europa becomes a full member of SkyTeam.


New in-house incoming services previously managed by third parties in Mexico, Dominican Republic and London.

Inclusion of the Welcomebeds online platform.


Acquisition of the additional 50% of the tour operator MK Tours in Miami. Sale of Globalia Handling Mexico and Pepemobile. Major restructuring of all Group Divisions.


Restructuring of a significant number of travel agents in the Retail Division. The Aerial Division continues to expand its long-distance routes and to reinforce its short and medium-distance routes.


Air Europa signs a contract with Boeing to purchase fourteen B787-9 planes with delivery expected between February 2020 and October 2022.


The airline Aeronova is absorbed into the Air Division. In this same year, agreements are signed for the purchase of twenty 737-8 MAX aeroplanes.


Launch of Air Europa Express, operating Embraer 195 a 1 ATR-72 at the end of the year. The retail Division launches the Geomoon brand for its managed travel agency business.


Air Europa continues to expand its long-haul fleet, with eight B787-8 aircraft in place by the end of 2017. Consolidation continues at Air Europa Express which has now incorporated the entire Embraer fleet (11 E195s) along with three ATR-72s.


The Air Division has continued to grow in relation to long haul routes, and has consolidated routes such as Recife, San Pedro Sula (Honduras). In other markets, destinations such as Marrakesh and Canary Islands inter-island flights have been consolidated. Furthermore, additional flights have been included to destinations such as Rome, Milan, Tel Aviv, Asuncion, Cordoba, and Montevideo. In relation to new routes, Quito, Venice and Düsseldorf have been established as new destinations during 2018.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We look forward to the future with complete trust in the implementation of new tools which, along with the existing ones, will allow us to grow and develop best practices that ensure high-quality Corporate Social Responsibility and maintain a balance with the values of our Corporate Group. Before presenting the details in this report on the measures and actions taken, we recall that the main lines of action on which our activities have been focused are included in the following groupings: Environmental / Social / Human Rights.

The Management of the Group has established the general objective of deploying and maintaining an Integrated Management System based on sustainability, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and the participation of all its employees.