Ethic channel

Globalia is immersed in an important process of sucessive changes. Those affect in each and every one of our división that open a new stage marked by great profesional challenges having clear and very present that these profesional challenges goes close to our CULTURE OF COMPLIANCE based on the principles of INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY AND NORMALITY based on our way of acting and facing the challenges.

For all the professionals that form part of Globalia, the CULTURE OF ETHICS and COMPLIANCE are the basis of our daily operations and the way in which we introduce ourselves to the world in each of our businesses.

Ethic code

The Ethic Code reflects our way of being and being in society, establishes the values and principles that govern our way of working and contemplates the new criminal prevention obligations of the legal person. It was approved by the Board of Directors held on June 29,2017. You can read it here.

Compliance and good practices channel

We have implemented a Communication System called ‘Compliance and Good Practices Channel’, which in a simple and close manner and in a confidentiality environment can be reported incidents and irregularities related to ilegal behavior, regulatory breaches or practices against the principles established in our Ethic Code. This compliance channel in governed by the following principles:

  • Good Faith when making the communication.
  • Commitment to non-retaliation.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Security of information.

Communications can be made through both:

Compliance committee

The Compliance Committee will be in charge of promoting, monitoring and controlling compliance with the values and norms of action established in the Ethic Code. It is made up:

  • A President:
    1. Institutional Relations Director.
  • Four Vocals:
    1. Legal Advice Director.
    2. Halcón Viajes & Globalia Handling Director.
    3. Purchasing Director.
    4. HR Director.
  • A Secretary:
    1. Compliance Officer.

The Compliance Committee will have the support in its task of the Compliance Unit that is formed by:

  1. Legal Advice Director.
  2. Compliance Officer.
  3. Lawyer specialized in Compliance.
  4. Compliance Technician.