Halcón Viajes

A global reflection: the good thing about horizons is that they are unattainable. Which means that we’re obliged to be constantly pursuing them. And that makes us keep on getting better and better

The world belongs to all of us; we all have the right to discover it.

And because we’ve already come a long way, we’ve learnt that...

-Being part of Globalia, a group of companies with a common denominator – tourism –  is a source of security.

-25,000 professionals around the world working with us round the clock have made us truly great.

-The fact that our Group includes an airline, tour operator and hotel chain means that we can offer excellent standards of service and prices.

-The more than five million people that have travelled with us have enabled us to accumulate a vast amount of experience.

-Having 1,050 branches keeps us close to our customers. 

-Monitoring your trip from start to finish is understanding what quality really means.

-Having the most flexible and most advantageous Visa card on the market offers real guarantees.

-With our state-of-the-art technology we can help you find your place in the world.

But more than anything, it’s taught us that your trip is our commitment.

Halcón Viajes represents a before and after in the development of the tourist sector. It brought about the democratisation of travel, a determined step forward that revolutionised the world of travel. Our enterprising spirit has made it the number one travel agency. And we continue to innovate to make your travel dreams come true.